Can I share a session?

Sessions are always held in her private office, on a one-on-one basis. One-on-one sessions are to insure privacy. Even when two or more people want to communicate with the same person (i.e. two sisters wanting to speak with their father), there may be information that might be intended for one individual that can’t comfortably be given in front of the other person. Patty doesn’t want to be in the position of “editing content for the audience”. She gives what she gets, whether you like it or not. So she can remain completely frank, all sessions are private.

* (The only exceptions to this rule are; when English is not spoken and translation is necessary , a hearing-impaired person needs signing services, or if the person is so infirm or blind that note-taking is an extreme challenge)

Can I bring a friend or relative with me?

Of course!

As mentioned above, each session is private. And you are welcome to bring anyone you want for companionship. However, as mentioned above, each session is private, so they would have to wait in the waiting room. They cannot be in the session with you.

However, many people arrange for a group of friends or relatives to come up to her office, and have a series of private sessions back-to-back. She has a large waiting room and conference room to accommodate your group. There are also a number of shopping centers and restaurants nearby, so you can make an afternoon or evening of it by rotating people out to eat or shop!

Do we all have to have the same length of session?

No. Generally, people choose between a 30, 45, or 60 minute session, although longer sessions are available. They do NOT have to be the same length.

Should I bring anything?

You should be prepared to take notes... lots of them! So bring paper and pen.

You do NOT need to bring anything from your loved ones in spirit. Patty communicated directly with your loved ones, and does not need to hold an object from the one you want to reach.

Can I tape record the session?

Electronic recording is not permitted, although extreme note-taking is encouraged. Patty will also write occasional notes, which she will give you at the end of the session. Patty keeps no record of the content of the conversation.

Is there any other preparation necessary?

If you have never seen Patty before, there is an 30-minute audio orientation that you are required to listen to. THIS IS NOT  OPTIONAL! (Even if you’ve studied the psychic or mediumistic arts, or go to other spiritual advisors frequently, each reader is different, and each communicates in a different way. This is to familiarize you with Patty’s way.)

In this orientation, you will hear Patty explain quite a bit about what she does, what to expect, and what certain things mean. This is to help you get as much as possible out of your session, without you wasting time with common questions. You’ll also get a feel for Patty , the person, as well.

If you are a returning client, you do not have to listen to the orientation again. However, if it’s been over 5 years since you’ve seen her, you might want to listen to it again just to refresh your memory!

It is best if you hear this orientation as close as possible to your session so you are likely to remember most of it, so you need to arrive about 45-minutes early to listen to it before your session. If you are coming with someone who has been seen by Patty before, let them go in to see Patty first, while you listen to the orientation. That way you don’t have to arrive early!

If you are having a phone session, call to make arrangements to listen to the orientation over the phone the night before your session.

Also, no drinking alcohol or taking mind-altering drugs before your session!