In-Person Sessions

If your location and schedule permit, try to meet Patty in person. You will find the session to be particularly powerful, as her personal energy, the energy in the office, and the powerful presence of hers and your spirit guides combine to make a very memorable impression!

Sessions are always held in her private office, on a one-on-one basis. Many people arrange for a group of friends or relatives to come up to her office, and have a series of sessions back-to-back. She has a large waiting room and conference room to accommodate your group. There are also a number of shopping centers and restaurants nearby, so you can make an afternoon or evening of it.

Phone Sessions

If your schedule or location make it impractical for you to see Patty in person, you can arrange to have a session with Patty over the phone. Patty has held sessions with people from all over the world, from Tel Aviv to Tokyo, from Australia to the Netherlands.

People often ask if Patty is as accurate and as “connected” on the phone as she is in person. Understand that for those in spirit, there is no time or space as we understand it. So it doesn’t matter where you are, or where Patty is. Spirit is there, too.

The biggest challenge is ensuring that you are in the right frame of mind, and that you won’t be interrupted. Sit at a comfortable table, with paper and pen ready to take notes. (Electronic recording is NOT permitted!) Shoo the kids and significant other out of the house. Learn how to shut off Call Waiting for the duration of the call, so you won’t be bothered by the beeps.

It is NOT recommended that you try to have a phone session from work. Too much stress, too many distractions, and the real possibility of interruptions tend to make it difficult for you to focus on the session and maintain the right frame of mind conducive for a successful session. Holding a session minutes after getting home after fighting rush-hour traffic is also not recommended, for the same reason.

The prices for phone sessions are the same as in-person sessions.

Appointments are only made by phone. Call her at 815-356-7374 to reserve your session.