Lectures/Special Appearances

Spend a Night With Spirit!

 If you are interested in having Patty give a talk to your group, or provide a Demonstration of Spirit Communication, contact us at 815-356-7374.

She has been teaching classes in Spiritual Development for over 10 years, and can address many different aspects of the study of spirituality.

In her Demonstration performances, she will be demonstrating communication with the Spirit Realm, bringing messages from Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Spiritual Masters to members of the audience. (Due to the size of the audience, no one can be guaranteed a message or reading.)

Patty is a clairvoyant medium and psychic, and has been seeing private clients for over 20 years. Many of her clients rate her in the same class as John Edward, James vonPraagh, George Anderson, and Sylvia Brown.

She is also pastor of LightSource Church, a healing-based church in Chicago. Based in Spiritualism, the church tries to bring the healing energy from God to everyone, regardless of their belief system. The church’s belief is encapsulated in it’s motto: “One God, One Light, One Source”

Call us to discuss arrangements.