This was the letter that started it all twelve years ago!

Dear Friends,

After many hours of meditation and consultation with my guides, I have been directed to move towards the creation of a foundation dedicated to the study of spirituality in all its forms. This foundation shall be a haven for anyone searching for that Truth Within, that LightSource from which we derive All That We Are. This is a non-denominational foundation, inviting anyone from any religion to participate in this search for the great I AM.

The first step towards the creation of this foundation will be the offering of Healing Services. These services are designed to help those in need of God?s Divine Help in healing themselves physically, emotionally, or mentally.

These services are open to all. The services will be held on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Doors will open at 7:00PM, with services at 7:30PM. A suggested donation of $10 is requested, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. These funds will be used for the operation of the foundation  as well as physical repairs and maintenance of the building. The location of the services is:

LightSource Foundation Church

 6343 West Cuyler

Chicago, IL 60634

 I look forward to seeing you all there. We hope to help bring God?s Love and Light to you, helping you realize the best of the realities you can create for yourself.

In Love & Light,


Since then, we have increased our membership, remodeled the building, replaced the roof, acquired new comfortable chairs, installed beautiful new carpeting, replaced the windows, installed air conditioning, hot water, remodeled the bathrooms, replaced the garage, and installed a children?s area. New front doors are next!

The original organization, Silent Prayer Sanctuary, was founded in 1922. This building was erected in 1926, and had a long and fruitful ministry.

In the 1990?s, Patty was asked to give a number of sermons to the congregation. In 2000, the remaining members of the congregation came to Patty and asked her to take over the church and the building.  After much prayer, she decided to accept the challenge, and tentatively accepted the offer, with the understanding that if a congregation didn?t form, she couldn?t afford the time from her family and other aspects of her ministry.

Well, a loving, caring congregation did form, and a warm, more caring family you couldn?t find! After a year, we added Message Services to the Healing Services. We have plans for a regular Sunday Service and a series of Gala Events with various spiritual services available. A series of children?s classes are in the works, to help children stay in touch with the natural spirituality they were born with. And more is coming!

So please, feel free to come in and visit. This is a place of safety, of warmth and caring. This is a house of a nonjudgmental God, where we recognize that we all have various lessons to learn and paths to walk. This is a house where we learn that we are all responsible for our own paths, where we are all co-creators of our own realities, and we can?t cower behind the role of ?victim?. We are there to help, to help pass the message, the energy, and strength of God to each of us. Together,  we have, and will continue to create miracles of love, light, and healing, and attempt to bring us all closer to the LightSource that created us all.