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Healing & Message Services

LightSource holds Healing Services on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.

Doors open at 7:00PM. Services start at 7:30PM, and run until approximately 9:30PM.

After the Healing Service, a 15-minute intermission is held, after which we start a Message Service. Ministers and message bearers from our church bring short personal messages to various members of the audience from their Loved Ones. This service generally runs about an hour.


Two More Gala Events for 2017!


2 Special Nights!

Saturday, July 29th

Saturday, November 11th

Don't Miss Them!

Invite Your Friends!

 Doors open at 7:00PM

Services will start promptly at 7:30PM.

It's a great time, with lots of high energy, and lots of spiritual messages!

This event will include demonstrations of:


Stone Messages

Flame Messages

Blindfold Billets

Flower Messages

Spirit Pictures/Psychic Art

*Messages will be offered by Rev. Patty Lekawa and other LightSource ministers. All of our ministers have studied under Rev. Patty Lekawa for a minimum of three years, and they have all been trained to be sensitive to that small voice within. They will work with your Spirit Guides, their Spirit Guides, and your Loved Ones to bring you helpful messages from Spirit.

Entrance Fee is $35*

*These are fundraisers for the church. All funds are used for the physical repair, rehabilitation and maintenance of the building, and for the operation of LightSource ministries. LightSource is a completely volunteer organization. No one receives any compensation or stipend for their work.

*A Short Reiki Session Is Included!

* If space allows, for any attendee who wishes, a short Reiki energy healing session is included at no additional charge! These will be chair sessions, performed by Reiki Masters.

WHERE: 6343 W. Cuyler, Chicago, IL 60634

DIRECTIONS: Just northeast of the corner of Narragansett & Irving Park. Park in the Jewel parking lot just behind the Burger King, and walk across the street. (Map is on the Location link on the left side of the page at the top.)

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at

815-356-7374, or email us